Vatican Rome



The Vatican Rome Tour includes:

Guided tour of the Vatican Museums

Sistine Chapel

Privileged entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica


Guided Tours:

Adults € 61,00

Students aged 18/25 with Student ID Card € 52,00

Children aged 6/17 € 48,00

Private tours:

€ 399,00 + Tickets* (*if available)

Skip-the-line Ticket (No Guide)

Adults € 33,00

Students aged 18/25 with Student ID Card € 28,00

Children aged 6/17 € 28,00

DRESS CODE: Shoulders and knees must be covered

TIMETABLE: The timetable for the guided tour and skip-the-line tickets will be determined according to tour availability

N.B. Skip the line ticket does not include the security check queue.

Times and dates may be subject to change due to Emergency Covid-19

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Times and dates may be subject to change due to Emergency Covid-19Times and dates may be subject to change due to Emergency Covid-19On average, 27,000 visitors flock to the Vatican Museums every day. Thanks to our “skip-the-line” ticket you will completely enjoy your time and fully experience your tour, without stressful and long queues to buy tickets.


Habemus Tours will make you discover the most beautiful museums in the world: The Vatican Museums.

They are called in the plural, because they are composed of several “museums”: An Art Gallery, an Egyptian and Etruscan Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, Classical and Grego-Roman Antiquities Museums, the Philatelic and Numismatic Museum and the Ethnological Museum; moreover, there are the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Maps and the majestic Sistine Chapel. Our guides are all accredited by the Vatican; they will accompany you in a journey through the absolute masterpieces and the precious collections of the Vatican Museums, by making you discover important details, which you would never have noticed otherwise.


Your visit will continue to the splendid Sistine Chapel; here you will learn everything about the history of Michelangelo‘s magnificent masterpiece, and also interesting anecdotes, such as the one about the self-portrait without bones, which the artist painted just to emphasize that he would have preferred to be skinned alive rather than paint the Sistine Chapel all over again.


You will then be able to enter St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the most beautiful architectural works in the world, through a privileged entrance. You will have the opportunity to admire magnificent works such as the bronze canopy that towers the papal altar and especially “The Pieta“, the beautiful sculpture by Michelangelo.


The Vatican Museums tour will end in St. Peter’s Square, where you will be able to appreciate the amazing optical illusion of the colonnade, created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.



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